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Whole grain wheat?

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  • Whole grain wheat?

    Are whole grain cereals good or bad? I have found some organic brands, but did not try because I noticed that recomended breads are white or potato?

    Is there a problem with whole grains?

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    Whole Grains

    Whole grains, esp in dry cereal are a no-no for me. I have no idea why. That includes dry "energy" bars.

    My take on it - - of it's supposed to be healthy, watch out LOL
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      I do OK with whole grain. That said, I think my diet sensitivity isn't as much as others. My biggest triggers are vinegar products, caffiene and citrus. If you're not sure, you might try a small quantity first and see how that goes. Good luck!
      ~ Stacey


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        I figured out that for me... whole grains that have no dough conditioners ( extra stuff to make the bread stay fresh) are good for me. Any time I eat an off the shelf bread front the grocery store I have problems. I have also found that some yeast has citric acid in it. So... I have a great bakery near me that is 100% preservitave free..even the yeast. It is a chain called Bread harvest. They do ship so if you wnat to try le tme know I can get you info. The other place I can get bread is Whole Food. But BEWARE not all of their fresh bakes breads are without dough conditioners. I think, if I remember correctly, that the rolls were mor friendly than the big loafs....

        We just baked a loaf of whole wheat and used King Arthur Flour andFleishmans yeast in a jar. The package stuff has acid. It was YUMMY!!!

        I also eat a ton of barley and buckwheat. I prepare it like Rice or use the flour for pancakes and stuff...

        Hope this helps!
        :woohoo: Yogajo


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          I'm okay with whole wheat as long as the bread has no vinegar, citric acid, etc.
          I get those breads at Whole Foods or my Safeway has a shelf for local bakery breads without preservatives. (Yes, lucky)

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