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iodized salt?

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  • ICNDonna
    I have never heard of iodized salt causing a problem with IC. In fact, a small amount is essential to health. Potassium is also essential to maintain health. Some folks feel potassium is horrible stuff because when it is instilled into the bladder of an IC patient, it causes pain. I think of it this way --- if you have a skinned spot on your hand and rub salt on it, it's goiung to cause it to burn --- but if instead you put that salt on an egg and eat it, it doesn't cause pain.

    I have to take a potassium supplement because it was found that my level was low enough to be dangerous. Even taking my prescription supplement doesn't cause IC pain.


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  • almaarlt
    started a topic iodized salt?

    iodized salt?

    I noticed the package of salt I used on my food today had ‘potassium iodide’ in it. Is this a no-no for IC because of the potassium? I’ve been in a flare for a couple days and can’t figure out why… maybe the salt?