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Blueberry Jelly or Jam

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  • Blueberry Jelly or Jam

    Does anyone have a recipe for blueberry jelly or jam that is IC friendly? I have looked on the popular recipe sites but thought maybe someone here might have a different one. Thanks!

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    I have one for jam that only has the berries, sugar and suregel. Is that what you are looking for?


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      This is the recipe I use

      Blueberry Jam

      1 pound blueberries
      3 ½ cups sugar
      ½ of a 6 ounce bottle of liquid fruit pectin

      Wash and crush the blueberries.
      Combine everything but the pectin in a large dish for boiling. Boil to a full rolling boil and then boil hard for one minute. Remove from heat and add fruit pectin. Skim off foam and can hot.

      You can look on the fruit pectin container too for a recipe
      I add the fruit pectin after it comes to a full roiling boil and then boil it for a few minutes after that. Just don't over boil it because I did that one and ended up with blueberry cement.


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        Thanks Waterflow, I've been dying for some blueberry Jam myself, but couldn't find any at the store that didn't have citric acid in it..I'll have to try it, do you get the Pectin right in the grocery store?


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          The pectin in all the grocery stores I have been to have it in with the canning jars. I know Wal-Mart where I am carries it also. GLad I could help.