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has anyone done weight watchers?

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  • has anyone done weight watchers?

    hi i'm on a diet that u really dont have carbs and when u do its just brown rice really with fat free cottage cheese. so i am looking 4 a diet that i can do with ic and lose weight. thanx

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    I am one of those yoyoers. I have lost 200 pounds. Unfortunately it is the same 10 pounds over and over and over. I think I must be a foodahloic and I keep falling off the wagon.

    Weight Watchers is a very sensible food plan. There are 2 food plans. One is a point system based on calories, fat and fiber. It includes all food. You calculate your daily point limit and stay within that daily point limit. The other is called "core". It has limited food choices and you don't count points.

    I know diabetics can be successful on this food plan. I think most diabetics use the "core" plan.

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      I did weight watchers a few years ago and I lost 10 lbs in a month. I didn't go to meetings, I signed up online.
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        Weight Watchers is actually a pretty good plan for an IC diet since you can plan your diet around IC safe foods.

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          I did weight watchers a couple of years ago and really liked it because I could plan it around IC safe foods. The only problem was that a lot of their recipes are tomato based, use artifical sweeteners, or foods that are not IC friendly. To me it was at least a very sensible way of losing weight---just should have kept eating sensibly (Ha).



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            hiya thanx...
            i just dont know which diet 2 change 2. i miss my carbs!!