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    I’ve been doing the first stage of the IC diet for a month now, and think I’m ready to start adding food back in to see how I react. I have a question about soy and soy lecithin. I had a reaction to soy a couple weeks ago, when I didn’t realize there was edamame in a dish. Does that mean I should avoid soy lecithin as well, or does the way it’s processed make it different than pure soy?

    Allergies (Claritin)
    Anemia (iron supplement)
    Asthma (albuterol inhaler)
    Bilateral hearing loss (hearing aids)
    Chronic migraines (amitryptiline, midrin, special diet)
    Chronic rhinitis and sinusitis
    Endometriosis – stage IV (lapex surgery done by specialist 3/07; now pain- and symptom-free!)
    Other treatments tried: surgery, 13 birth controls, Lupron (poison! ), and Depot Provera (the worst thing my body’s ever gone through! )
    Interstitial Cystitis (Elmiron, Tramadol, Darvocet, IC diet)
    Knee problems (ballet-related injury – no diagnosis 10 years later)
    Scoliosis (>10 years of chiropractic treatment – none currently)
    Seizure (4/03)
    Surgeries: 6/95 – maxillo-facial surgery to realign jaw; currently have 8 screws in jaw
    2/06 – laparoscopy with excision of endometriosis and ovarian cyst, appendectomy, hysteroscopy, D&C, removal of uterine polyp
    3/07 – laparoscopy with excision of endometriosis, hysteroscopy, cystoscopy, hydrodistention, insertion of stent in ureter

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    Hi Allison,

    I think all you can do is try a small amount and see what happens. I can't have anything with soy in it, so I avoid it. Others can have some soy. It is so individual. The big thing is to try it when you are feeling pretty good so you can tell if you experience anything different.

    Gentle Hugs,

    Julie B
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      soy vs soy lecithin

      I think someone else had this question a few weeks ago, as well. I remember reading that the part of soy that is bothering is in the protein part of soy, which would be found in tofu, edamame, even soy sauce. However, soy lecithin is made from soybean oil, which is just the fat, so I wouldn't think that it would bother you. I have a very strong reaction to soy protein and soy lecithin doesn't bother me in the slightest. Hope that helps.


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        Soy lecithin hasn't been a problem for me at all. Some soy products, or too much soy, can be somewhat. I can have a little soy sauce, no problem. I stay away from soy milk, though, because it was the largest part of my diet that I cut out (I drank A LOT) and I started feeling better in less than a week.
        I did just now realize I munched away at edamame last weekend without even remembering that it's freakin' soy beans! Duh!
        Anyway, I did have some very mild pain later on, but I also ate a lot of stuff that night and it could have been any number of things. I handled a 3 hour car trip the next day with no problem, though.