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just want to know if it is just me

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  • just want to know if it is just me

    Hey ya'll. I know this is kind of a weird question to ask but I have IC and I am on quite a few medicines and here lately I just don't want to have sex. I just don't get in the mood at all anymore. Is there any one else out there like me? I know it isn't really that important but if there is someone else like that I was wondering what I could do. Any help would be great. Thanks ya'll.

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    I'm the same way but for me it is actually good. No more feeling frustrated.


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      Yes, there are some meds that can change your physical desire to have sex. Also, having a chronic pain disease can take away some of your desire. Espcecially if sex has become painful. You do not mention your age but are you going through or have you already gone through memopause? That can change how you react, also. Of course, if you are a male, this would not effect you.

      I have gone through all of the above and, in some instances, still do. My body is getting older and slowing down a bit, but I do not find that a problem. It just takes longer and more effort. There are so many ways to be intimate and sexual. Just the act itself can get me going as things progress. I might not be in the mood when Hubby begins being sexual with me, but by the time things move along, I find that I am so in the mood and enjoying it.

      Have you visited yet? It might help answer some of your questions and give you some suggestions. We are pretty open in our discussions and have some fun, also. Check it out. It might not be your cup of tea, but it is worth taking a look.

      Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

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