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  • Bananas

    Can people with IC eat bananas, I thought since they have alot of potassium that it would be bad for people with IC, but I did read where someone could eat bananas. Any input?
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    when my IC is under control i can eat a banana about every other day without getting a flare. BUT when i'm in a flare, i can't do bananas at all.
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      I also can eat bananas, but not every day. I do take a prescription potassium supplement.

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        Bananas NO WAY forme!

        Bananas, I believe are more of an IBS problem more than IC. Within a half hr. I'm doubled over in pain and constipated for days. Fruit in general will do me in. I've even tried V8 same thing, we truly are imprisoned by this desease!
        This probably has alot to do with my weight loss!

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          I would just try them as part of the elimination diet and see what they do. I don't have a problem with them, but I don't eat them a lot, either.


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            I believe we all react differently to food as we all have a different make-up. Not every food on the IC diet wil bother every single person with IC. I unfortunatly cannot tolerate many foods due to the IC and my stomach illness. My diet is very bland and has been for the last few years. So diet has nothing to do with all the pain I have from IC. My pain is there no matter what, even if I dont eat at all, I still have pain.
            I read a very interesting book about eating for your blood type. It says that people who have certain blood types should avoid certain foods as they are usually problematic for them. I am still researching this though. But it does make sense how some foods bother some people, yet others are fine with it.
            I say you have to do the trial and error thing, that is the only way to tell if something is going to bother you. Good luck.