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Flare from Steamed Foods?

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  • Flare from Steamed Foods?

    I find that when I eat steamed food (usually vegetables) I go into the worst flare. It's almost as bad as if I just drank a cup of coffee. I feel like I can't even eat properly now too!

    Anyone else have a problem with this or know what it could be?



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    are you cooking them with any type of sauces? usually steamed vegs are ok to eat. maybe it could be something else that you ate prior. i know, it is hard to tell sometimes.


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      was it brocolli? I have to make sure I really cook my brocolli or it iritates my bladder....

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        No I am not using any sauces. This has either been various vegetables I have cooked myslef (plain) or if I am out at a restaurant or order Chinese food and order say, steamed chicken and vegetables (which is very plain, no sauces). The flare up is definitely from this, not something I had earlier. It happens pretty much every time I eat them!



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          There are some vegetables listed on the "maybe" list. If you included some of them...that might be it. Usually steamed veggies from the "ok" list are fine for me. Good luck.


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            I can eat cooked veggies and they dont bother me, but I cant eat them raw like in salads..Maybe they are not cooked enough and your body is having a hard times breaking them down..

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              I don't trust restaurants not to add MSG to veggies, so I rarely eat at them.

              I have had no problems with steaming veggies on the stove or in the microwave as long as they were fresh veggies (not canned, not frozen). Some frozen veggies out there have additives in them. Some fresh veggies may have pesticides, herbicides, waxes, etc. on them.

              Maybe it is a particular veggie. Can you pinpoint one that you always choose?

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