Hi all,

I am new to these boards but not to IC. I was diagnosed many years ago, but went into remission and only came out a couple of years ago. Due to a my other chronic illnesses, I have been literally to ill to worry about what I eat until lately. I have been living, quite literally three meals a day on oatmeal for most of those two years. (and water,of course)

I seem to be very diet sensitive, which was not at all the case the first time I was diagnosed, and due to my other health problems I do not cook often except sometimes for supper. However, I cannot eat many convenience foods I tried (frozen dinners, etc.) and quit trying becuase I was too ill to care. Hence, the oatmeal.

Now, I am a bit better with my other problems, and oh so sick of oatmeal!!

So, any suggestions for frozen foods, packeged foods, or just easy to prepare such as oatmeal would be very welcome. As well as the IC diet, I must follow a low salicylate diet, and am allergic to milk, peanuts, nuts, peppers, and some spices.

Please help. I really am tired of oatmeal!! Please??