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    Wow, thanks for the suggestions! I had Wendy's chicken nuggets on Thursday, and had some pain on Friday. I'm wondering if they have some spice in thier breading... See now, what regular person would know that chick-fil-a marinates thier grilled chicken in pickel juice? For the average person this is no big deal but for us, could cause a lot of pain and suffering. I'm almost paranoid about eating out anywhere. It's really frustrating to me... but you are right, we just have to try this stuff. I'm trying to see who has ingredients listed online. Some do list all ingredients, and some don't.
    THANKS so much to everyone for your help here!


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      Hi Christine,
      I may have already answered this question before, but I live in New Oxford, PA which is over by Gettysburg. About 20-30 out of Hanover.


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        I tried the burger king version of the grilled chicken breast with mayo and lettuce. Had really bad pain last night and today so I guess I can cross that off my list of things to eat. Some days I really just want to hit a drive thru on the way home and grab something but I feel like there is nothing I can eat! All the McDonalds chicken have MSG in there acording to thier website.


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          Originally posted by Katief1976 View Post
          Yes, I have made my own "white pizza" at home as a test, and was ok with it, I put lots of garlic and broccoli on it and was ok. So I feel better about pizza places...
          I can put mayo on my sandwiches and when we have burgers at home I do put mayo and lettuce on it with success. So I guess I'm experimenting at home first. But my fear is that things like thier chicken, isnt a real chicken breast, but all kinds of ingredients "pressed" into a patty. Also some of thier chicken is pre-marinated.
          Has anyone tried a beef and cheddar yet from Arby's with success? Boy I miss those!
          I have not been able to find Prelief in the stores. I looked in Walmart, CVS and at my Giant Grocery store. I will look at Walgreens if you think they may have it. THANKS! I'm in Easton, Pennsylvania by the way!
          We are practically neighbors.....I live in Springtown/Hellertown, PA I get my Prelief at Eckerd Drug, that always seem to have it. good luck PM me if you would like to talk or even get together somethime. It would be nice to actually meet someone going through the same stuff.
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            ic or no ic..that fast food stuff will kill ya.
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              Everything in moderation. thats my motto... the occational fast food won't kill ya, especially if you ate healthy all day and took a nice brisk walk to burn it off


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                I have been able to eat Chick Fil A's chicken nuggets and french fries. I have eaten mozzarella sticks at Red Robin. I also ate those at Chili's, but they are more spicy and will not do that again. I also have eaten eggs at IHOP along with bacon and hash browns and was fine. My husband is the GM of a pizza place, it is a chain called Mazzios. He will make me pizza with no sauce on it, or they have pasta dishes and he will just alter them so that I can eat them.
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                  We order pizza with no red sauce fairly frequently. In fact, the folks at the pizza parlor know me when I go in and I don't usually even have to place an order --- I just pay them and wait for my tomato free pizza.

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                    My son is a Assistant Manager at Papa John's; and every once in awhile, he will surprise me by bringing me a pizza without sauce on it-- or if he forgets which he is likely to do sometimes, he might put a little bit of sauce on it, which doesn't bother me at all. I can eat also at Wendy's (their hamburger's as long as its their hamburgers with just the mayo on it. I'll have that maybe once a month or so whenever I get hungry for a burger.


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                      Arby's beef and cheddar doesn't bother me, but if you are really food sensitive I would get it without the Arby's sauce and skim off half of the cheese. The roast beef isn't spicy and should be harmless, but since it comes on an onion roll you may want to try just a few bites and see what happens.
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                        I'm a vegetarian, I have been for four years now. So the IC diet is pretty much like being vegan for me. I go to taco bell and get three hard shell tacos with no cheese ('cause I think they use cheddar) but I get beans instead of meat... I think I remember their meat being sort of spicey anyway, sooo that's my suggestion as to fast food stuffs, I haven't ventured out to try anything else yet.