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Sage lab food sensititvity test?

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  • Sage lab food sensititvity test?


    I've had IC for a few years now, with one year long remission. It's bad now, but two months ago I could barely feel it. One month before that it was bad. I have not changed my diet since them. I do drink low-acid decaf, but that's about it for the forbidden foods.

    At any rate, since I also have vv which burns when I urinate (my only IC symptom as well) I suspect I am getting something every once in a while that kicks off months-long flares. I have no idea what it could be, since I have never had an immediate reaction to anything.

    Has anyone here done the food sensitivity test that is linked to from this site (sage labs)? THe claims are so sweeping that it seems like a scam. Another test named ELISA/ACT is on the quack-watch website

    Yet, I would like to believe I could get a test to determine what irritates me. Writing down foods just as not done it for me.

    Any tips would be appreciated.

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    When you keep a diary, sometimes it helps to note activities, everything (including water) you ingest, activities, etc., related to symptoms. We've been painting and I find that paint fumes tend to cause some discomfort so I have to limit my time painting. It's pollen season, at least here in Oregon, so I have to take that into account too.

    What does your doctor say?

    Stay safe

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      Thanks, that's a good tip.

      My doctor has not said anything yet. I just had a cysto/hydro a few weeks ago, and I do not find out the exact results until late this month. I know I have IC, but I don't know if it's the glomerulation or ulcer type.

      I had a biopsy (for VV) too, and all I found out was that there was inflammation. Well, I already knew that!

      Again, thanks