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Does anyone know what stearic acid is?

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  • mellusk
    It's a fatty acid derived from animal and plant fats and is usually used to alter the texture of a food, hygeine product, or cosmetic. Its associated with triglycerides and hydrolized fats, and regardless of whether or not it's flare trigger, it can be a saturated fat and those are never really good for you.

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  • heidi5
    started a topic Does anyone know what stearic acid is?

    Does anyone know what stearic acid is?

    Hi everyone. I am very new to the site and had some questions about ingredients in a multi-mineral vitamin. I think LeAnn had mentioned that she got her vitamins from Vitamin Shoppe. When I went to one yesterday, I was reading the other ingredients and it listed stearic acid. Does anyone know if this is something that can cause a flare?

    Thanks so much.