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Question about urine acidity

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  • Question about urine acidity

    I wasn't sure where to post this. Someone please redirect me if there is a better forum for this question.

    What do we know about urine acidity and IC symptoms? I started testing for the first time yesterday and have been at 5.5 - 6.0. So I took Prelief today and have been focusing on eating alkaline-producing foods today. How long does it take to alter the Ph of the urine? And if that is going to improve symptoms, how long after Ph is improved should it help?

    What about probiotics/yogurt cultures? At the health food store they told me these would reduce acidity by crowding out acid-producing bad bacteria, but other sources on the web say probiotics are acid-producing. I have tolerated yogurt in the past, but am not sure if I should be eating it or avoiding it right now.


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    Urine should be slightly acidic; alkaline urine almost always indicates infection.

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      What Ph range is slightly acidic?


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        Now does having a highly alkaline urine mean your urine is not acidic enough or to acidic? Sorry, I am having a blank mind day today. I remember a while back, I thought I had a UTI and started drinking a ton of pure cranberry juice (this was before I knew I had IC). Well, it made me have sooooo much pain. When I went to the doctor, she did a pee test and said I had no infection, but that my urine was highly alkaline. Did the cranberry juice cause that?