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USDA possibly lowering organic standards

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  • USDA possibly lowering organic standards

    Hey all,
    Sorry I've not been around much, life has become very, very busy (if at least exciting in a good way) for me recently and I've been a bit overwhelmed. I thought I'd step in though, for a moment, to let anyone who is attempting to add organic products into his or her diet about this news. Apparently, Anheuser-Busch along with some meat and processed foods manufacturers have been lobbying the USDA to allow certain very non-organic ingredients to be added into items and still allow them to carry the USDA organic label. There is some information as well as a field to sign a petition at this link:

    I myself don't eat 100% organic anyway, and I tend to avoid most of the products in question anyway, but for anyone interested you may want to check this out.

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    Oh Yeah!

    Oh Yeah! We sure wouldnt want big business to have to change their methods of doing things because that might cost money. Since consumers are starting to eat organic, more and more, this might be a really lucrative field for them?
    The people that have brought you samonella filled chickens and E-Coli beef can bring you germy organic labeled products. Sweet!
    Pays to be informed and understand the difference in labels such as,"all natural" vs grass fed, no hormones (but feeder lots and antibiotics).


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