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where to buy donuts?

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  • where to buy donuts?

    Those that can eat donuts where do you buy your donuts? Do you buy them in your grocery store bakery or do you go to independent bakeries? Thanks!

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    I do fine with Krispy Kreme donuts or any glazed or cinammon donuts from a local bakery.


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      i do fine with the donut king cinnamon donuts
      Formerly lorenab


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        there is a place out here called Round Rock Donuts, and they are even better than Krispy Cream Donuts!!! I will go out of my way to get these! (these are light and golden yellow- yum yum!!


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          I get the local donut shop's or Safeway's twist or glazed donuts.
          I avoid fillings, chocolate or icings. (bummer)
          But any donut is a treat, so I can't complain.

          I just don't do the preservative-laden boxed stuff.

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            ive never met a donut that didn't like me
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              I love Krispy Kremes... Just remember to not over do it and just have one to start off with
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