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Asian Pears?

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  • Asian Pears?

    I bought and tried one Asian pear the other day. I only ate half of it, it seems very acidic. I have had pain today and I'm wondering if the pear is the culprit. I eat a regular pear every day and do not have any problems with those. Has anyone else tried an asian pear and had a problem?

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    Asian Pears?

    Asian pears are the pitts! I ate one once and had a 3-week flare because of it. I have no problem at all with regular pears. By the by, I ate some peach pie the other night and had no problems! I also seem to be able to eat cherries. Of course, I'd trade it all in for a yummy cup of coffee anyday!


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      wow! Sounds scary! I hope my flare doesnt last that long! I'll cry! Glad I only ate half of it and stopped. I got this bad feeling while I was eating it, because it seems so acidic! They say on this website that most pears are a safe food for us all, there should be some warning somewhere that Asian pears are BAD! I'm really hurting today!


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        I eat Asian pears all the time without problems. I think cystoprotek allows me to eat much more liberally...


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          I also had more pain when I ate a asian pear. I now only eat the bosc ones. Those I can tolerate, but usually only half.


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            Thanks for posting gals! I stared at the asian pears in the supermarket for 5 minutes today, ended up not buying any but hurried home to see if I could! I guess I don't want to risk it. It's been awhile since I ate one (pre-IC) but I remember them being a bit tangy, so I guess that's a bad sign anyway. And SoSick, I would also give all the fruit in the world for espresso or a latte!!!!! Even DECAF would be worth some blueberries, haha.
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