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Eating in Japan!

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  • Eating in Japan!

    Hi there.

    I write books. Two of them have been translated into Japanese. The publisher in Japan invited me and my husband for an all-expenses-paid trip to Japan PLUS $3,000 for three seminars I will give. I am still shell-shocked.

    Problem 1: I have fibromyalgia also.

    Problem 2: WHAT AM I GOING TO EAT???? I understand that hotels have Anerican food, so I will know what I am getting. But I will have no idea what is in sauces and stuff. Apparently very few people there speak English. The writing does not use our alphabet. It looks like caligraphy.

    Not to mention how depressing it is to have the fortune to do this and not be able to partake widely of food.

    Any suggestions???

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    Eating In Japan

    Not sure if you have already made your trip???
    I lived in Japan for five years and have recentley been diagnosed with IC after returning home to Illinois.
    Japan is a wonderful place for simple foods.......Green Tea is their "Water" stay away, this will aggrivate your IC symptoms. You can have wonderful fresh Sushi anywhere......If you don't care for seafood, stick with Rice and fresh steamed vegetables. Japan has some really wonderful pastries and fresh breads stuffed with all sorts of goodies......even hot dogs!
    There is an array of American Fast food places....which are all easy to order from, you just point to the pictures.....which this really goes for any restuarant you go to.
    Things to avoid, soy sauce, green tea, kimchi and of course coffee.
    If you can eat pasta, rice and bread you should have no problems eating well in Japan.
    Must try foods, Kobe beef, Ebi sushi (sweet shrimp), Kappa Maki ( japanese Cucumber sushi) Shobu Shobu ( fresh pork,beef and vegetables cooked in boiling water fondue style) Okunmiyaki ( cabbage, beef or pork cooked like a pancake served with a delicious brown sauce)
    Pastries....they are all fabulous and on every street corner
    Store bought snacks: Pocky's, Pretz, Cruncky's and our favorite Candy>ChuH

    Enjoy.....Japan is a truly amazing country.



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      Careful with Sushi

      The ones prepared with rice (you can see photos here might bother you as a little vinegar is often mixed with rice. You could try a little bit a see if it bothers you. You should be able to have sashimi though which is raw fish only with no seasoning.
      Have fun!


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        Hi there.

        Is language a problem? I can't eat anything with vinegar. I try to eat a low carb diet. Should I order Everything without a brown sauce?



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          Eating in Japan

          You can ask for no vinegar or just no sauce, language CAN be a problem, just make sure to take plenty of Prelief with you and stick to simple foods and lot's of water.
          Have a wonderful trip...Japan is a Gorgeouse country.