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Is senokot and milk of magnesia IC safe??

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  • Is senokot and milk of magnesia IC safe??

    Hi Ladies.
    I just talked to my GI nurse, I think she made a mistake though. I told her I had an allergic reaction to the miralax and could not take it any longer and asked her what I could take to help my bowels keep moving ( I have bad motility issues). She said that colace and senokot are pretty gentle and safe.
    I asked her about milk of magnesia and she said this is what you wake when you are up against a wall and have not went in 4 days. She said you have to be careful with these type laxatives as they can make your bowel dependant on them.
    Well, I went to the pharmacy to buy the senokot and find out it is a laxative that stimulates the bowel. The pharmacist said this should not be taken long term as the bowel can become dependant on it. She said that colace is just a softner and is ok long term. She also said milk of magnesia is ok to take long term as it is not a stimulant really.
    So now I am confused. The GI nurse told me when she was taking iron pills she had to be on senokot and this helped her stay regular and was safe and gentle.
    ANother question: is senokot IC safe?? And also is milk of magnsesia IC safe as well??

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    Your physician's office is the best place for you to get reliable information. Your pharmacist can tell you about the "usual" dosing, side effects, etc., of a medication, but he/she is not qualified to practice medicine. There are times when physicians suggest medication use that is different from the written literature published by the drug company. Your physician knows about your specific health problems and is best able to advise you.

    Stay safe

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      Thanks Donna.
      I did talk to my GI nurse and she was mentioning stool softeners and told me about colace the senokot and them being safe and gentle. Well, when I went to buy the senokot, I find it is not a stool softner, but a laxative. That is why I am confused. Luckily I see my GI doctor in two weeks so I will be able to go over this more with him. Do you know if senokot is bothersome to IC and the bladder? I just dont want to make my bladder pain worse either.Thanks Donna.