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    for me about the only things i noticed real flare ups with is Crannberry Juice, and Orange Juice. I dont even eat oranges. ALso Chocolate, if i am eating a lot of it, I notice I start to have a flare up. I dont ever have coffee, tea, or soda, so Im glad i dont after hearing the reactions which come from them. I try to keep a pretty bland diet also, not spicy, and I am a vegetarian since i was 18 so that helps a lot also i think.
    Thanks for shareing!!

    Current Conditions:
    IC,Feb 06

    Prenecious Anemia
    Stomach Ulcers
    Acid Reflux
    Low Blood Sugar

    Gaul Bladder-1996


    Elmiron,100mg 2am 2pm
    Seasonique,1 night(helps control pain for Endo)Provera, 10mg 1 night
    Elavil, 150 1pm
    Flexeril, 10mg 1 night(was to be 1 am also but makes me to sleepy)
    Prilosec,20mg 1am 1pm
    Zoloft,100mg 1 pm
    Topamax 25mg 1am 2pmCyannobalamin(b12), 1 injection every 2 weeks
    Reglan, 10mg, 1 3xday with meals-for duonditis
    Ultram 50mg 1 every 4hrs as needed for pain
    Pyridim,100mg as needed
    Vicodin 5/500 as needed for pain
    Heating pad
    Ice Pack
    Arthritis Pain Equate brand 650mg usualy 2 at a time
    Stool softeners w/stimuli, 2am 2pm[/COLOR]

    Hopefuly no more gets added to the list!!!

    I wish the best for all of you and hope the days with pain are few. I wish you peace and calmness... for we all need it, with out it... the pain is worse.
    Try to take the best care of you that you can. When you are not happy with the care you get dont hesitate to get the help you need. Sometimes a 2nd opinion can give the calm and peace which you are seeking.
    My prays go to all of you. For I know there are many who are have many bad days and need a shoulder.. Always remember this site, for its made a huge differance to me and many people. Here you can find the the ear your looking for when you just need to vent.
    When your not looking for Im so sorry and I have no idea what can help you. Here we understand the pains the suffereing and most of all the Constant frustration. For anyone who needs it.. I will do my best to be the ear who can listen and help how ever I can. All my best to all of you.
    Dont forget to take care of you!
    Take care


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      I've been trying really hard w/the elimination diet lately...and have found a few surprises. For example, my newfound triggers are: anything w/green tea, lemon-lime gatorade, diet coke from a can. Havent pinpointed any foods quite yet.
      I'm in a flare and trying to get it calmed down, but am struggling to give up certain foods and drink. Wish me luck!


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        Hi Sugar,
        Have you checked out the IC Diet book? They say that the worst things are anything Citrus, green tea and sodas.......all which you cannot drink. Check it out. Which I had the link for you but I just print it out. You can find it on the home page.


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          vinegar, Mike's Hard Lemonade (Ow!!!), too much chocolate, mangoe, black tea, coffee
          I have: Interstitial Cystitis,Eustacian Tube Dysfunction, IBS, Sciatica.

          I take: Elavil 50 mgs, Balziva birth control, and Elmiron instillations.

          I am: Not my disease.

          My Myspace Page:


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            Citrus of any kind. I have to be careful and check everything for citrus acid as well! I can finally get away with some caffeine especially with prelief, but I sure do miss my Clemintine tangerines!!!!! YUM!!!



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              ONIONS, ONIONS, ONIONS!
              Fruits except Lemons, pears and watermelon
              any and all juices except "all Pear juice"
              ANYTHING spicy

              Mostly stick to the IC diet,

              I CAN tolerate coffee and Chocolate
              Minds are like parachutes-they ony function when they are open.
              -Thomas DeWar-

              ICN Newbie Volunteer

              *ICN Angel Volunteers are not medical authorities nor do we offer medical advice. In all cases, we strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.


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                Things that cause me flares so far, still testing all kinds of stuff

                Here are some things that will cause me from slight discomfort to stabbing burning , freqency and major pain. I was just diagnosed on Feb of 2007 so I am still testing foods all the time. Here is what has caused me problems so far. Peppermint tea and Gum, Green Tea, Vitamins, Fajita Chicken, Cucumber, Catsup, yakisoba Noodle, Garlic, Strawberries, Cherries, Carob in large amounts alittle is ok, Any kind of lunch meat, Orange items, Walnuts, chocolate,Peanuts, MSG, Anything with Nitrates or Preservatives, I try to stick to the IC Diet pretty close and once in awhile I try one new thing and wait for 3 days to see if any symptoms.
                Things I can eat that don't seem to bother me
                yogart, Peaches, blueberries, Pears, Almond butter, Carob in small amount, Sour Cream, Kava Coffee,Aloe Vera Gel,
                It seems if I over do any kind of activity like cleaning the whole house or mowing the whole lawn etc I get symptoms and need more pain meds but if I do things in moderation it helps keep the pain less as long as I watch my diet too. It is a very strange thing this IC I have had it for years and have had problems since was 21 with bladder infections and many other female problems and then endomitriosis and hysterectomy, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, severe headaces and bloat and constipation and just this past feb found out it was all linked to this thing called IC. It was very frustrating how long it took as I am now 49 to find a doctor after all these years that knew what I had and is trying to help me keep pain under control better. I take
                Elmiron 3 times a day
                Estrace 2 times a week vaginal pill
                Amitriptylin 1 each nite
                Lidocaine when flaring
                Vicodin as needed for pain
                Clonazepam to help with sleep
                I feel like I am back in control of my life now and am learning new things every day how my IC affects my life.
                Thanks for listening
                Connie Tulipgirl


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                  Everyone that has responded, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

                  For a newly diagnosed IC patient, it helps to see how the diets vary (how some have severe reactions to food while others can eat practically anything). I don't think I have any severe reactions other that tea, coffee, tylenol, and carrots. I'm still testing the waters, but I'm scared. I can't afford to have a bad day (not like any day is a good day, but you know what I mean). I am not going every 3 minutes like I was in January, so I guess that is good. I still feel the same, but I'm learning patience with it and try not to let the feeling overconsume me. When it does, I take an Ultram to get through the day. I was just put on Neurontin, so hopefully that will start to help (as well as the Cymbalta).

                  Well, thank you again!
                  [SIZE="1"][B]Be well, Alyssa :hi:[/B]



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                    Still learning, but here are mine

                    Since I was just diagnosed a little over a month ago, the diet has been a major change for me. However, I got rid of everything from the house that was a potential trigger (OK there may be some old moldy stuff in the back of the fridge . . .). That was a sad and frustrating process for me.

                    During this month of working very hard at the diet, what I've seen from mistakes I've made are:

                    No coffee, no decaf, not low acid, nada. This was an agonizing change for me.
                    No paprika (always cooked with it before).
                    No saffron.
                    No peppers of any type.
                    Have stayed away from all nightshade vegetables, though some are supposed to be OK (naturopathic/nutritionist's advice), think it includes tomato, potato, eggplant . . . can't remember exactly.
                    No sourdough or rye (always ate it before) hits me within a half hour of two mistaken bites.
                    Onion powder, which is in many, many things, is a tough one, I think I can tolerate a little, but I'm better off without it. Small amount of green onion seems fine.
                    Even though mint tea is supposed to be OK, some days it is, some days it isn't. I can't tolerate chamomile, causes an allergic throat reaction.

                    The water is an issue for me. I can tell I feel worse with tap water, but I'm not always in places where I can force the bottled water issue -- still working this piece out.

                    I've tried to be strict with everything else. Non sourdough/rye breads with preservatives seem to be OK in limited quantities.

                    Seem to be OK with very small amounts of white chocolate and small amounts of organic vanilla ice cream.

                    Keep us posted on what you find out and what works. As I said, I'm very new to all of this and am trying to stick close to the definite "OK's." It will be a challenge with my upcoming trip.

                    Be well,
                    Diagnosed 6/4/07, also IBS, migraines, allergies,
                    hysterectomy, previous fibroids, cysts.

                    Help measures in process -- hope to start PT, etc. Main pain meds: HEAT, Tylenol, Alleve, Working on diet!

                    Cold infusion of Marshmallow Root tea 2x day, Citrus free Quercetin 2x day

                    I am not my illness -- it's just a facet, I aim to enjoy life and pursue my dreams! I hope it makes me a more compassionate human being.


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                      I just went on one of those romantic weekend getaways in New Hampshire. I had plenty of percocet in case "other things" bothered my bladder, so I ate whatever I wanted. I don't want to make anyone feel bad about the things that I was able to eat, I am just sharing the bizarreness. I had chili dogs and alcohol, orange juice and raspberry danish. I even had some really elegant chocolate thingy with cake soaked in Grand Marnier and fresh strawberries on top. I was fine, didn't take a single pain killer. It's so weird.
                      This is the part that drives me crazy. Tomorrow all I will probably have to do is look at a box of cereal with preservatives and I'll go off in a flare. Why is there no rhyme or reason? It drives me nuts to watch everything I eat only to flare, and then binge out and have no problem.
                      I was born with one ureta not attached to it's kidney, I've been poked and prodded for so long. I never had "private" parts. I had constant infections and took low dose preventive antibiotics into my teens.

                      DX with IC July 1993 after seeing 3 different Uro's and finally switching Primary care doctors and affiliated hospitals.

                      I have 2 beautiful daughters, the oldest has been in heaven since she was 14 when she was hit by a car The youngest is 20 now. She has had one UTI. She went into complete panic that she would end up like me. Now she has some idea of what the pain is like. Poor kid has been forced to know where every bathroom in Disney World is.


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                        You know, I would relish in the fact that you can eat all that decadent food! If I were you, I'd eat that stuff all the time and pass on the preservative loaded processed junk! Man... your trip sounded great! No pain killers and you were able to enjoy food! That's wonderful!
                        [SIZE="1"][B]Be well, Alyssa :hi:[/B]



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                          Yes, this past weekend was really weird. Good weird! Sadly, I went to Las Vegas two weeks ago and was in so much pain that I could barely stay out of bed for more than a few hours. I was constantly rolling up with the hot pack and the pain meds for a nap. No frosty pool drinks, no fancy food. It was a real bummer. That's the killer. I can't plan anything because I never know how I am going to feel. We tried to see a little of the Grand Canyon but I had to tell my honey to leave me at the hotel. The restrooms are kind of far apart and there are too many other people around to start watering trees.
                          I was born with one ureta not attached to it's kidney, I've been poked and prodded for so long. I never had "private" parts. I had constant infections and took low dose preventive antibiotics into my teens.

                          DX with IC July 1993 after seeing 3 different Uro's and finally switching Primary care doctors and affiliated hospitals.

                          I have 2 beautiful daughters, the oldest has been in heaven since she was 14 when she was hit by a car The youngest is 20 now. She has had one UTI. She went into complete panic that she would end up like me. Now she has some idea of what the pain is like. Poor kid has been forced to know where every bathroom in Disney World is.


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                            Specific response to CST

                            I just wanted to post that a month of giving up foods might not be long enough to determine a trigger. When I came out of remission, I couldn't eat ANYTHING without pain -- even plain turkey (hormone free, preservative free, cooked at home, etc.). I hurt all the time no matter what I did. I stuck to the usually OK list unless something seemed to make the bad terrible, and then I cut it out. It took about four months to calm enough from avoiding typical problem foods before I had my symptoms go down and I could see food choices making a difference. It took another two years before I could really successfully expermient. I still can't eat even one blueberry without dying however, I could guzzle coca-cola all day and be fine now (a sip three years ago would have killed me). I built up to tiny bits of onion and sour cream and then I took a nasal allergy spray for three days and haven't been able to eat them since so I'm waiting for the calming to take over again for about four months before I'll try again. So, I just wanted to give that thought that maybe you could stick to a strict IC diet for a longer period and see if it helps. Maybe it won't, I have seen the surveys that diet makes no difference to some with IC.

                            My trigger foods. Ugh. there are TOO many! Off the top of my head:

                            Alcohol of any sort, vinegar, soy sauce, ANYTHING spicy (except garlic and pepper), hard and aged cheeses, peanuts, onions, tomatoes, citrus and all other fruit except gala apples and pears, vitamins, many meds, even topical stuff like soaps and lotions, whole wheat, ANYTHING smoked, acidic waters, tea, dark chocolate, aged meats, ANYTHING fermented, mayo, yogurt.

                            Gee, it sounds like I don't eat anything but I do! I just have to cut it all myself since most restaurants have so many hidden ingredients!
                            Laura D. in Florida

                            Share your poems and art about living with IC, and your IC-friendly recipes at

                            IC since 1994: primarily utilize herbal/natural treatments due to intolerance to many medications. Daily: Marshmallow Root Tea, Hormones, Cystoprotek, Desert Harvest Aloe Vera, Claritin, and relatively strict adherence to IC Diet.


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                              Cia, I've had days like that, where I ate whatever I wanted (a slice of pizza, and at that moment it was the BEST slice I ever had lol) regular coffee (not low acid/decaf) ) and it didnt bother me, I just take it as "its sure nice to have one day to enjoy the "no no foods" (thats what I call em lol).


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                                It seems liquids hit me the quickest! Out for me is coffee, all teas except pepermint, vinegar, chili's in all forms, CocoVia(antioxidant enriched dark chocolate), carrot juice, yellow peaches, bing cherries, strawberries, pineapple and certain spices, such as cloves and cumin. I think the carrot juice is a big problem for me because of the massive amount of potassium in it, also carrots have a higher ph than most vegetables. I guess the hardest thing for me to give up are decafe Lattes, and of course, mocha's. I find I can eat small amounts of chocolate with prerelief, water and preferably a meal too. Haven't tried citrus or cranberry since this "whole thing started".
                                Golden Girl
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