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corona lite beer - anyone had success with this

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  • corona lite beer - anyone had success with this

    (Note from ICNDonna: While I am very pleased to know that an ICer was able to enjoy something she likes, it's important to remember that many, if not most, people with IC cannot drink beer of any kind without pain afterwards.)

    I had a very strange thing happen. I have read several threads about people saying that beer has actually calmed their bladders. I have been in pain since january, though it is much better than before, and we were on vacation and I figured what the hell, I am already in pain, why not try it. God it was sooooo good. Then the wierd part happened. It made me feel better. I didn't pee for 4.5 hours, and then only because I was going to bed! I was in shock. so of course I had one almost every day. Most days I noticed it helped both with pain and frequency (I have no idea why). I had 2 completely pain free days (which I have not had in 7-8 months). by the end of the week I was in pain again (had sex and bad food) and still am, but I am wondering how many people have found this to be the case with beer? Very strange?????
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    I hate to say this because others may see it as a green light. So let me start with that... "we're all different and what is okay for one person may not be at all okay for the next".

    33 years ago I had come home from HS with my bladder afire. I'd learned by then that my supposed UTIs would just pass on thier own with lots of water and time. I'm certain these episodes were actually IC. My older sister called to invite me to a beer joint. Loving to tag along with her I said sure. (You could drink at age 18 then) After a couple of beers my bladder felt good as new. Hmmm?

    That has been the case for me ever since. -Beer seems to have a soothing effect!? Now hard liquor is a whole 'nother story! OUCH!! And with those Coronas (which I love) you have to remember to wave off that lime!

    Again, this is just me, and I certainly don't recommend anyone else thinking they're going to find the same results! Proceed with caution!

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      An ex-boyfriend's dad told me to drink a beer to "kill" what was in the bladder, or maybe that the yeast would help.? I haven't drunk a bottle yet, only sips without improvement. So glad someone else has heard of this. Guess i'll try it someday. But i've drunk beer before and it irritates the IC also.


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        I would proceed with caution on this one. But my mom keeps telling me to try this to flush my bladder out.. She says a few want hurt me.. Well I am such a chicken and SO scared of the pain that it could cause. I know when I use to drink a few before IC it would flush things out and I would pee in huge volumes..But again!! This is one that I would say PROCEED with CAUTION and prepare for what may come!!

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          I've always heard it helps the bladder too. I almost kind of believe the old wives' tales about beer. I heard that about dark beer and breastfeeding- that it increases your milk. My lactation consultant and obgyn nurse actually told me to drink it to increase it when I was having problems- I was extremely skeptical, but I had one and boy did it work! Maybe because it relaxes you?


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            I too believe theres something to the beer/bladder theory.
            i've also been told to drink one or two to help calm the bladder down and to increase void pressure--it works.

            I'm not advocating drinking--just sharing what I personally have experienced.

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              I don't like beer, never drink it but if it helps, I want to give it a try. How much do you have to drink? I mean, how many ounces?

              Also, do you feel the improvement immediately or an hour (or more) later?

              My husband is going to faint when he see me with a beer!!!! LOL


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                I wasnt a fan of beer either until I tried a certain brand (LandShark) - it doesnt taste like beer at all really and I can drink an entire bottle (or 2) easily without it harming my bladder at all (or my stomach/gi tract). Like others, its different with everyone, but I do drink them when I have a UTI feeling or am flaring because it makes me pee so much more and it "flushes me out" quickly - much more so with water. If you're not a big beer drinker, dont like the taste of it, or not a fan but want to "try it" especially to flush out your bladder - try a LandShark - its very light island beer, no aftertaste and very very smooth with no irritation for my bladder at all. I've tried others to help flush me out(Coors Light and Corona) but both irritated by bladder and GI tract badly.


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                  I love beer but....

                  I love beer but have been too chicken to try it since my diagnosis a few weeks ago. I have been working too hard to work the IC diet into my life to be side tracked right now.

                  I did want to mention that before my grandfather's death of heart failure this year, his urologist prescribed him a beer per day to keep his kidneys active (he was in his 90's and they were slowly shutting down). My grandpa loathed the stuff because his own father had been an alchoholic. He would get up at the crack of dawn each morning and drink the beer standing at the refrigerator door to make doubly sure that he would continue to hate the stuff. He always did, the old dear. However, it seemed to keep his kidneys functioning for the last few years of his life, so there may just be something to the urological benefits of beer.

                  Cheers to those of us brave enough to try. :woohoo:



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                    my carona lite beer experiment

                    Well, I tried a little more experimenting with beer. I drank it on vacation and did very well (1 carona lite per day usually with dinner) my frequency went way down and so did the pain. Then I must have eaten something and had sex and had a flare (when we got home I had stopped drinking the beer) so I said "hey" let's give it a try! By the next day the flare was gone. had one a day for a few days and did very well. Figured I must be totally insane, so I took a day off and FLARE. Had a beer that day (and one that night) and the flare was gone the next day. We were in Saratoga at the races and we usually do a lot of drinking and eating so I took my prelief, drank my lite beer (I had to switch to Heinekin light) and had not pain, no frequency. My friends were going to the bathroom more than me! I cannot tell you what a sense of joy that was for me - not to be the one constantly peeing!!! I am not on any medications (other than ambien CR) I do take Gluc/MSM Omega3, calcium mag and vit D, have just added quercertin and take green tea extract. I am not 100% but I am Sooooooooo much better, just wanted to share this very strange, but happy occurrence. I would love to hear from people with similar happenings. The very funny thing is I had my gallbladder removed 14 years ago. Your liver is supposed to take over the function of the GB immediately. Mine did not I suffered from gallbladder problems for about 2 years on and off after it was removed (when I ate fatty food) then I discovered that if I drank alcohol with the bad foods I had no problem. Gradually my liver did take over (took about 3 years total) and I didn't have to do the alcohol thing, but isn't that odd?>??? Would love to hear comments. Thanks


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                      is it only carona lite that works or normal corona?
                      Love Lauren xx

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                        keep me posted. I am alittle afraid of alcholol b/c of the meds I am on,I have wondered about O'Douls-beer without alcholol. Anybody try that?

                        The happiest people don't neccessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything that comes their way!!

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                          Drank half bottle of landshark beer. Hated the taste at first, but it helped me have a strong urine stream. Didn't seem to cause pain. But it did contstipate me as beer is dehydrating.


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                            carona lite update

                            I have stopped having one a day and my bladder is doing well. Seems like it will knock me out of a flare by the next day (just one). I was at a BBQ on Saturday and had 3 and had no side effects (today is Monday)


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                              I only like light beer so I haven't tried regular (too many calories anyway) I did try heinekin lite and that seemed fine too. Coors lite didn't hurt me, but didn't seem to help either. I am just so happy to be able to have an occasional drink like "normal" people.