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  • Yeast Free Diet

    Has anyone flared from going on a yeast free diet? If you flare, could that be the yeast die off?

    Can anyone share their experiences with this way of eating?

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    I dont know but i stick to the ic diet. I dont like taking chance anymore, i sure miss my coffee.
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      I don't ingest things with uncooked yeast, but what's in bread products has been killed by the heat of the oven and it's never been a problem for me.

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        Yeast Control Diet

        I have had experience with this diet for many years now. I go on and off of it to varying degrees. I am planning on going on a strict anti-candida diet for the new year. I'm hoping to get rid of some of my candida related issues. I know die off can be a problem, but I usually experience and initial burst of energy the first few days. Later, I will feel a little tired, but I think the diet is good for getting a yeast problem under control. I used to have eczema, but one time I did the diet, and suddenly the eczema was gone, and has never returned. I wasn't even on the diet for that reason. I had bad eczema under my arms. It was crusty, red, and itchy. I do think die off may increase urination, but it's die off, so that's what happens when all the yeast toxins are released, and it's said that those symptoms go away after a few days. The yeast control diet is mainly veggies and meat. You can eat gluten free grains and some say low carb fruit is okay. You can also make flax chips. Those are pretty good. You are supposed to avoid peanuts, because they say that they flare yeast. Some say coffee is okay and others say that coffee has mold and flares a yeast problem. The jury is out on that one. Some say you can have rice and others say no. I guess the main no-no on the yeast control diet is no sugar and avoid grains. Good luck on your diet. I hope it helps your IC. I've been in remission a long time now, and I think it's partially because of eating a low carb/yeast control diet.