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Javacid...success with a small amt of coffee....

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  • Javacid...success with a small amt of coffee....

    Well, yesterday I tried a 4th of a cup of coffee with javacid + 2 preliefs and had no problem. Trying it again today! I do want to note that I just had a baby a week ago, and my breast milk has still not gone away. I think I am in a slight remission because my body thinks I am breastfeeding! So, taking advantage of it a little! I do think the Javacid + prelief helps though because even in periods of remission, coffee has always bothered me. I may try it in decaf next time. Sometimes I find that even decaf bothers me. This is the first time I've tried Javacid though! Seems like others have had luck with it too.
    Dx with IC 3/2009 - Cysto w/Hydro
    Meds: Elmiron (400mg), Atarax (10mg), Elavil (20mg), Pyridium (as needed)

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    I tried it, unfortunately, after the 3rd day of having a small amount of coffee mixed with a lot of milk I started to flair. It didn't work for me. My bladder will not tolerate even the smallest amount of coffee. I think that's one of the culprits that gave me IC in the first place. On a better note, I can drink chocolate milk with no problems so that makes me happy!

    Good luck with it
    My IC is under control with DIET.
    Tried Cystoprotek but gave me terrible heartburn.

    Current Strategy:
    IC Diet (most helpful)
    Quercetin 500mg
    D-Mannose (when flaring)