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Javacid...success with a small amt of coffee....

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  • Lizzylu
    I tried it, unfortunately, after the 3rd day of having a small amount of coffee mixed with a lot of milk I started to flair. It didn't work for me. My bladder will not tolerate even the smallest amount of coffee. I think that's one of the culprits that gave me IC in the first place. On a better note, I can drink chocolate milk with no problems so that makes me happy!

    Good luck with it

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  • valkay18
    started a topic Javacid...success with a small amt of coffee....

    Javacid...success with a small amt of coffee....

    Well, yesterday I tried a 4th of a cup of coffee with javacid + 2 preliefs and had no problem. Trying it again today! I do want to note that I just had a baby a week ago, and my breast milk has still not gone away. I think I am in a slight remission because my body thinks I am breastfeeding! So, taking advantage of it a little! I do think the Javacid + prelief helps though because even in periods of remission, coffee has always bothered me. I may try it in decaf next time. Sometimes I find that even decaf bothers me. This is the first time I've tried Javacid though! Seems like others have had luck with it too.