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  • Vitamin b12 shot

    I have been feeling really run down lately and my doctor checked my blood and said I need vitamin b12 shot. I am scared that this will flare my IC.. Because I tried to take a B complex vitamin orally and was in a lot of pain. Does anyone else get the b12 shot and did it flare your IC? Thanks

    Well I just got back from the doc and he said my vitamin b12 level was 185 the lowest he has seen. So I had to take the shot. I hope it doesnt bother my bladder.
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    I found a vitamin B complex that I take every day without Vitamin C in it with no problems. Have you tried that? Hope you feel better!
    -I follow the IC diet to the letter
    -acupuncture and chinese herbs
    -instillations as needed
    -beginning yoga and specialized yoga for breathing and relaxation

    main symptoms: pain and burning


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      B-12 even in oral form is not usually a trigger for IC symptoms because it is used by the body differently than the other B vitamins.
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        Low B12

        I had low B12 levels as well. Instead of getting monthly B12 shots, I take 1,200 mcg of timed released Jamieson B12 - one pill per day. I have never had a problem with the pills and my IC. I take them with my supper. My B12 levels are great now. I have been diagnosed with IC for 4 years and have taken the pills all of that time. I hope it works for you.


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          I get a b12 shot monthly, actually I am due! Thanks for reminding me. The shot works because it goes directly to the blood stream and is not absorbed by the bladder. Hope it helps you.


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            I take B12 reg. lately as mine has been low in this pregnancy, and no troubles-like the other girls said, one pill/day, no vit C in them - they're one of the most water soluble vitamins too, so it goes right to work