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Colonoscopy prep diet-help?

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  • Colonoscopy prep diet-help?

    Anyone out there recently have a colonoscopy and care to share what they ate to prepare for it? I am due for my 5 year scope and the last time I had one my IC was not yet diagnosed, so I could eat the popsicles, juices and chicken broth without bother. I am absolutely dreading the day-before-prep, as I know if I eat these foods it will likely throw me into a wicked flare. The test is important to me so I know I will go through it, just not looking forward to the dilemma of what to eat. Even if I boil some chicken, I would have to drain the tiny bits of chicken from the broth. Wah-wah, poor me! Maybe some day they will come up with a different, less invasive way to peek inside the colon!

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    I did ok with the colonoscopy prep, I stuck to plain organic low sodium chicken broth. I DID not consume pospsicles...(but I am not a popsicle person never cared)....the drink they gave me to prep for the test was fine also.



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      I did chicken broth.

      Stay safe

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        It's been awhile, but I think you have to use clear liquids. Here are some safer choices: Gerber pear juice, coconut water/juice, organic MSG-free chicken/veggie broth.


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          Thanks all!


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            what I had

            I had pear juice and blueberry juice. I can't find the juices to buy so I just use the juice from canned pears and the juice from frozen blueberries. I add water so it stretches it quite a bit. It's good you are getting your colonoscopy--the best part is when it's over.


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              Ask your doctor, but mine said I could drink the blue Gatorade, which doesn't bother my bladder. :-)
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