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Mexican food & had to go alot

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  • Mexican food & had to go alot


    It's been awhile since I have been on here.

    We went out last night and tried a new mexican rest. well, i got something that turned out to be so spicy that I could not eat my food, I only ate the beans and rice. This spicy stuff burned my throat so bad I had to keep drinking so my throat would cool off. But then I noticed how often I had to go to the bathroom after eating what I did of that spicy food. Is this normal? I have not had to go so much like that for awhile now.

    I am not taking anything, actually it has been a few years since I have been taking anything for my IC. Maybe I don't even have IC anymore, I don't know. Maybe I just have OAB. Maybe I should go back to doctor to be checked, huh? The last time I did go see a urologist he put me on Enablex and I liked it because it didn't give me blurred vision or dry mouth.

    Kim Hall

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    It sounds like you had increased frequency due to the food you ate which is REALLY common.
    A lot of people with IC have food triggers they have to avoid in order to not get an increase in symptoms/have a flare.

    -Started having symptoms in May 2009.

    -Doing pretty well on diet alone.


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      I can't eat Mexican food except for one or two things. We just don't go to Mexican restaurants --- flare city for me.

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