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Is coconut milk IC friendly?

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    Re: Is coconut milk IC friendly?

    I just ate a lot coconut crisps, supposedly organic, free of any preservatives. I felt quite good before, but one point started having flare. I mean, coconut milk or oil have been fine for me, what happened now?...


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      Re: Is coconut milk IC friendly?

      I LOVE coconut water, currently my favorite drink (since my other main drinks are purified water, more purified water, occasionally plain carbonated water, and now sometimes acid neutralized coffee, wow, I'm branching out!!

      With the coconut water, the main thing is check the label!!! Lots of brands add ascorbic acid!! I think they do it just to annoy IC patients, to be honest. Got to be it. "Naked" adds nothing (but you can buy it with lychee juice mixed, mango peach, or pineapple). I find the Naked brand doesn't bother me, a slight bit of frequency, but otherwise no. I haven't tried the other brands due to noticing the ascorbic acid on the labels.
      DX IC (cystoscopy) 7/93
      Meds did little-nothing, but Paxil (98) calmed it down. (No longer on an SSRI; hate meds)
      IC went to "barely noticeable" status for years. (I put it on 'ignore')
      MAJOR flare 7/13 along with 2 injuries, especially the first, labral tear, right hip.
      Unable to urinate hardly at all with undiagnosed muscle tears (10) & labral tear Fall/Winter 13/14.
      Surgery successful for muscle and hip repair, 4/14. Researching the connection between hip injuries and pelvic/bladder pain as well as muscle tears: (just some helpful links)


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        Re: Is coconut milk IC friendly?

        Make sure you check the label with coconut milk. I flared pretty badly with Trader Joe's coconut cream which has a strange ingredient in it. But those with just coconut milk and guar gum have been fine for me.
        Diagnosed Nov 2012 after birth of my daughter. I feel like IVF hormone injections triggered my debilitating IC symptoms, but that I had it mildly even before that and didn't realize it.

        Currently taking daily: probiotics, licorice root, vitex, vitaminB12, thyraxis, D3, Calcium/Magnesium, permeability factors, digestive enzymes. Nightly castor oil packs on my abdomen. I follow the IC diet, anti-inflammatory diet, gluten and dairy-free (most of the time), with as much organic, local food as possible.

        My approach is to try to get to the root of the problem, which according to everything I've read, is probably centered in the gut (read, chronic constipation my whole adult life). I have a list of things to try and keep checking things off my list. My inspiration has been Wendy Cohan's Better Bladder Book.