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Struggling for any sort of variety!

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  • Struggling for any sort of variety!

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been following the strict IC diet for over a year now, and am really struggling for any kind of variety.
    I seem to be very sensitive to a lot of things, even from the 'blader friendly' section, including milk, which is quite restricting!
    I am also trying to limit my salt/sodium intake as much as possible.
    I have seriously been eating the same few things for the past year and would really appreciate any help or advise on what to try!
    Anything with too much sugar is also a no go!

    My basic diet now is:

    Breakfast - One piece of toast with a scraping of reduced salt butter

    Lunch - Chicken, lettuce and garlic mayo sandwich with white bread

    Dinner - Chicken, Turkey or lamb, with potatoes and fresh veg (brocolli, peas, green beans, cabbage, corn on the cobb and carrots)

    Drinks - Filtered water and the occasional half a mug of Camomile tea.

    Snacks - Plain biscuits, plain fairy cakes, rice cakes

    Any ideas or suggestions would be really appreciated!

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    need suggestions

    That does sound a bit tiresome!
    Have you looked at all the recipes and food ideas on this site under IC diet?
    Can you eat red meat or does that flare your sypmptoms? I will sometimes have a steak from Trader Joes, with some sauteed(sp?) mushrooms on top. Tastes wonderful after eating poultry most of the time. Also burgers made with pure ground beef, not additives, can be a nice break on a bladder safe roll, and mushrooms on top.
    Sometimes I'll just sautee some zuchini and mushrooms and a tiny bit of fresh red bell pepper, and mix that with pasta or put it on a baked potato. Sounds strange but tastes good.
    I know, lots of mushrooms! I love them and they're bladder friendly, so it works for me.
    I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions.
    Hope you find some new things to eat!


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      There's a recipe section on this site that should help you find some variety. There are actually more foods that we can have than ones that are a problem.

      Good luck!
      Stay safe

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