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what's the difference between store bought tomatoes and home grown tomatoes?

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  • what's the difference between store bought tomatoes and home grown tomatoes?

    basically why are home grown tomatoes allowed on the IC diet but store bought are not?

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    As for the homegrown tomato, this is my theory....

    From the Ag/extension office, "The difference in flavor between homegrown and artificially ripened tomatoes? The different conditions in which each group is grown has significant effects on the levels of sugar, acid, and volatile compounds in the tomatoes produced."

    I can't find where they say exactly what these differences are. I have read that sunlight while ripening is crucial to production of sugars in tomatoes. Store bought are typically picked green then artificially ripened using ethylene gas. Perhaps this leaves them with a higher acid to sugar percentage? -Just a wild guess on my part.

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      I can't tolerate tomatoes of any kind. They are on the "try it" list, which means they aren't okay for everyone.

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