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  • bananas

    I have the ic belly this morning. I had a banana and now it killing me.
    Do bananas bother any one else?

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    Bananas are on the "try it" list, which means that they are a problem for some ICers, but not for all of us. I personally can have occasional bananas, but not every day.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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      I can eat bananas too, but certainly many people cannot. Maybe give a half of a banana a try in a couple of months to see how you do. Sometimes it can be a fluke or another trigger like stress that puts us in a flare, not the food we are eating.

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        So sorry you're in a flare from this!

        Bananas are on my "iffy" list. If I'm feeling great I can get away with eating one. If my bladder is the least bit irritated having a banana will send it over the edge. They're kind of like my straw that breaks the camel's back.

        Make sure you're drinking enough pure water to flush the irritants out. I hope this passes quickly for you!

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          I can tolerate bananas okay. I usually ony eat half at one time. I am thankful I can eat them for there is so little we can tolerate.


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            I def did not do well w nanners am still looking for a safe fruit to eat

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              I can have bananas-by itself--because I am very much underweight I have to drink a bottle of Ensure every night and the doctors suggested mixing a banana in it, I can't as I will have severe pain. they also suggest ice cream again by itself but not together.


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                eating bananas

                I find that if Ieat bananas that are ripe with sum brown spots on out side that they are less acidic same with tomatoes only riped ones and less affect my bladder and never eat them by themselves I always eat with sumthing else to neutralize them also take with a tums or prelief and lots of water after and never before I go to bed...


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                  I can't eat bannnas.

                  My husband used to have lots of problems with ulcers, a Dr. asked him if he ate bannas he said yes, as a bed time snack most night he ate a peanut butter and banna sandwhich. the Dr. told him if he did nothing else to help himself to cut out the bannas, that was 20 years ago, he has never had another ulcer.

                  Now they know ulcers are caused by bacteria, which it turned out many years later he had. So I don't think the bannas caused the ulcer, but they made things worse for him.

                  We are all different so I would do what others told you try again at a later date, and try a smaller amount and eat with something.

                  Good luck figureing out what you can eat, it is not easy. MG
                  My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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                    I can eat bananas without poblems.
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                      Banana's are good one for health and it has many benefit's thus I used it frequently.... I think that it's the best one option you have to choose among the list....
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                        I'm late on this, but I had a reallllly bad flare from bananas. I love them so much and used them often as a substitute for fats in breads, desserts, etc., so I'm sad they're on my "do not eat" list.


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                          Does taking Prelief help with the high potassium from bananas or do you just have to cut out completely if you suspect that this is causing the flare?

                          Hoping that I don't have to give these up too.


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                            For me, I knew it was what caused the flare because it was the only thing I ate differently and I had a reaction an hour later for four hours. I think most people handle them just fine though, AND I ate it in smoothie form so definitely had more than a small amount of banana in one sitting.

                            I'd say try a half a banana with prelief and see what happens. I'm sure I'll be testing again sometime soon because I'm not sure I'm willing to give them up forever if I don't have to.


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                              Does taking Prelief help with the high potassium from bananas or do you just have to cut out completely if you suspect that this is causing the flare?

                              Hoping that I don't have to give these up too.