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What do you drink? ARGH!

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  • ICNDonna
    You might want to try some of the herbal teas --- they come in different flavors.


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  • MasterAli22
    started a topic What do you drink? ARGH!

    What do you drink? ARGH!

    So after suffering from symptoms for a year I have FINALLY had the motivation to start the IC diet. It's been really hard to dive head first into it because I am a Diet Coke addict (probably has ruined my bladder). I also love my chocolate.

    Anyway, so it's only been four days, but I need some help to get my through the first weeks. It's really hard!

    What on earth do you drink?? I can't have my soda, which is killing me! I can't have coffee, I can't have tea, I can't have hot chocolate. I have basically been drinking plain water and that's about it. I have had a bit of milk, but it doesn't do it for me. I can't drink a lot of milk. I like a hot drink in the morning. I bought some natural peppermint tea and it's okay, but I'm not really a mint person and it's nasty when you try to eat anything with it.

    I'm just frustrated. Cutting all my favorite foods out is really hard but I need to see if this will help. I just hope I can stick with it.

    I'm also not a juice person -- I can't drink straight sweet things, even though I know only a few are okay to drink. I would add things like Crystal Light to my water, but I know those would be bad too because of the artificial sweeteners.

    Help! Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to drink???