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  • IC and sushi


    I'm a sushi addict, I just love it. I was wondering if it is safe for people with IC to eat.


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    There is a difference between sushi and sashimi. Sushi generally indicates that the fish is paired with vinegared rice. Although some ICers claim that they find rice wine vinegar less harmful than other kinds, it's still vinegar and it is good to be careful. Also some sushi will have wasabi already on it in between the fish and the rice, so you can't even see it.

    Sashimi, on the other hand, usually implies that the fish is simply sliced and served plain. It comes with a bowl of rice that is typically not vinegared. I found that I was perfectly happy without the soy sauce dip or the wasabi as long as the fish was really fresh and high quality.

    Japanese restaurants usually proved very doable while I was on a strict IC diet, since the food is often quite plain. I avoided the miso soup, since I was not sure about soy products, and any cooked dish that might contain soy sauce, but I could always find some raw fish that I could safely eat.

    Not so with Chinese food; that proved to be a minefield.


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      I eat sushi on a regular basis. our rolls are not prepared with vinegared rice. It is a yummy treat for me.


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        I frequent 2 local sushi restaurants w/o any issues. I dont like wasabi so thats never been an issue for me. I go very light on the soy sauce due to having to watch sodium intake.
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