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Problems with Blueberries?

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  • Problems with Blueberries?

    I have had pain issues with blueberries. Am I the only one? I thought it was a very low/no acid fruit.

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    This might sound strange but if the blueberries are ripe and sweet I don't seem to have a problem. I've had tart ones and they've bothered me. Don't have any idea why?


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      I have had the frozen ones on my vanilla icecream and they did not seem to bother me.
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        I eat blueberries almost every day and am fine but that doesn't mean others cannot be sensitive to some things on the safe list.

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          I had 10 tiny frozen blueberries on my cereal one morning and two hours later I started feeling pain. I'be tried them a couple of time and have pain each time. I can't do pears either. So, no fruit at all - plus gluten and dairy and lots more

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            I eat lots of blueberries --- they were my favorite even before IC.

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              fresh blueberries cause me to flare everytime. I can tolerate blueberries if they are baked in a muffin or bagel.
              current meds- ditropan 5mg xl, neurontin 300 mg. zanaflex for pelvic floor spasms Most meds, IC meds included, cause me bladder pain

              previous med- elmiron( nothing after 8 months), atarax ( to sleepy), ditropan ( retention), Cymbalta, cystoprotek( worsened flare) has helped many others, aloe vera ( worsened flare), lyrica( irritated bladder.

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                Have heard this before. Bob has no problems with blueberries, but have seen others who can only tolerate them cooked into something. Always amazing how everyone is different.


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                  I can eat frozen blueberries, but not fresh. Yesterday I had some blackberries, they were so good, had no problem with them. Anyone else?


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                    i love blueberries! i normally dont have any issues with them. one day, when i was trying an elimination diet shortly after my diagnosis, i baked blueberry muffins from scratch and had a terrible flare! i finally realized it was baking powder that was my problem. i confirmed my concerns with an IC chef. baking soda is ok for me but not baking powder. and i still love my blueberries!


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                      I can eat blueberries in most any form, but some people just cannot. One thing to try is to have a very small portion. It may be better than none!
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                        I can't do baking powder either.

                        We are not HUMAN BEINGS going through a temporary SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. We are SPIRITUAL BEINGS going through a temporary HUMAN that we may become more SPIRITUAL.


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                          I am in the beginning experimentation stage so take this with a grain of salt, but I am thinking some of my IC issues may be due to a salicylate sensitivity. Blueberries are high in natural salicylates.

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                            I suspect it is in the skin, which is non-soluble fiber, which iritates my colon, IBS. Which then iritates my IC.
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                              It may just be the blueberries and something else going on and not your IC. You may also want to look at aluminum free baking powder and soda at your health food store. Sometimes it is that one stupid thing. It works exactly the same. And blackberries, yum, still hoarding last year's crop, most berries except strawberries and of course crans are okay here. Put me in the get up and bake something mood. Jill, wife of Bob