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Is tap water BAD!!!

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  • Is tap water BAD!!!

    Can someone tell me if they have had a problem drinking tap water? Yesterday I drank more water than usual (Ihaven't been drinking much of anything lately) because I was thirsty. I had a bad flare up of burning urgency a couple of hours afterward. We just moved to Winston Salem a few months ago and the water smells like it is really full of chlorine.
    I want to switch to bottled water, but I don't know which kind to try. Any ideas?

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    I usually use Nestle water or Ice Mountain for bottled water. You can always buy a Brita filter, and filter out all of the icky stuff and have purified water that way. I do not seem to have a reaction to the Brita water. I have found that generic waters (Wal-mart brand, Dasani, and anything with MgSO4 or any additives) cause a big flare for me. On the labels it will specifically say if it has any of these additives. I had one bottle of the Wal-mart brand (great value) and was in so much pain afterwards. That's why I stick to nestle, Ice mountain, walgreens, and aldi. Sometimes the last two are cheaper.

    Like I said before you can always try a brita filter in order to filter your water. That helps to cut down on water costs. I have a nice water bottle to carry around, and will fill it up from the filter if need be. Tap water has a lot of things in there that can cause irritation to the bladder, so it is best to purify it with a filter.

    Hope this helps.

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      I can't drink very much clorinated water without a flare. We have well water at home, but when away from home I buy bottled spring water, with no additives.

      It might be worth a try for you.

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        Thanks, I'm going to try some bottled water. Today all I have had to drink is milk (yuck!) and so far so good.