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  • supplements....grapefruit seed extract

    Hi, I was wondering if everyone has tried grapefruit seed extract? I can't find a reference to it anywhere, but heard it was healing to the bladder, through a vitamin company.
    I am having a lot of relief with diet changes and using prelief, cysta-q, marshmallow root tea, and peppermint tea. I am on a very bland diet, along with my medications. thanks.
    Diagnosed with IC in September 2010, after suffering from chronic UTI's. I suffer from pretty bad insomnia as well.
    Prosed in the beginning of diagnosis. Cysta- Q helped heal my bladder.
    Amitriptyline (discontinued now, but was very very helpful), and Macrobid to maintain pain relief and get some sleep. Prelief and Marshmallow Root capsules/ or tea leaves, daily to maintain pain relief.
    Lyrica and Pristiq to maintain bladder urgency and help with nerve pain and sleep.
    IC diet is my life now. Stress reduction is a MUST to survive this illness.