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    anyone know of a good multivitamin for ic?

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    I can't answer your question regarding a multi-vitamin but wanted to add something. I cannot take any vitamins. I can't eat any cereal including Cheerios due to the vitamins. I have spent a ton of money on trying different vitamins from every health food store with no luck until recently. I found that the Ester C Gummy vitamins taste great and don't bother me at all. I tried the regular Ester C in the past and I couldn't take those. It's such a good feeling to be able to do something good for yourself.the

    I just read the description for them online. It says they are fast acting and non-acidic. I wonder if the fact that they are fast acting helps because they are not sitting around in your body for long. That's my uneducated guess.


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      I also can't take multivitamins. Many of us with IC do have problems with vitamins. The best thing to do is to try to have a healthy diet and if you look over the IC diet it is possible to eat healthy.

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        thanks for the replys.


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          What about for someone like me who is fructose intolerant. I can eat some vegetables but in very small amounts and no fruit. I used to take childrens vitamins and they never seemed to bother me.
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