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Question about if something is irriating...

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  • Question about if something is irriating...

    If you don't know it..and you do something or eat something that causes a flare up ...if u then stop taking the thing or doing the thing that caused long does it generally take for the flare up to go away after you've stopped???

    For example..lets say you want to see if coffee is your trigger....if you cut it out should your flare up just go away like the next day??? or will it stay anyway for a while???

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    Unfortunately, I don't think that there is one answer because, like most things IC, everyone is different.

    My food/drink related flares can last a day . . . or keep bothering me for week. It just depends on what I had, how much of it, how much water I drank, and how stressed out I am.

    If you are still in the process of figuring out what bothers you and how long your flares are, I would highly recommend that you start a food journal. Stick the the IC diet and record everything you ate during the day and how your IC symptoms are. After a few weeks, you should hopefully get a better sense of what your triggers are and how long your flares may last.

    Good luck!
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      I see what you mean...I guess I will have to start a journal. I am wondering now...(from something Donna mentioned in another thread) if maybe I am all of a sudden having this flare up from the Laproscopy Tubal Ligation I had symptoms started about 6 days after the operation???? I had relatively symptom free for like a year...with the occasional mild flare that AZO would work well on...

      This flare im on about day 7 now...its the longest I have ever went. The only time I noticed things bother me (before this surgery) was if I drank more than 1 cup of coffee in a day.

      I just wonder tho..if it is from the surgery ...will that eventually subside??


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        Question regarding trying new things that cause a flare.

        My doctor considers treatment for a flare with a three day 'rescue treatment'. I will have to say it doesn't always work but it does get better after three days.