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  • Lemon....

    I printed the IC diet list of things good bad etc...I didnt see anything about regular fresh lemons??? I like to squeeze some lemon on my salad with olive oil...I also like to drink hot water with lemon?

    Is this a no-no?

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    For almost ICer's lemon is not good. I will do the same thing on occasion with water but only a little bit. I don't think I am very diet sensitive though.

    You might try doing without the lemon for a while to see if you notice a difference in symptoms. You don't want to do something that is causing you problems.

    I will be willing to bet that most people on here will tell you that lemon and anything citrus will bother them.

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      thank you for your reply.


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          Lemons are listed with the other citrus fruits on the caution list.

          Stay safe

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            I've sort of discovered my intolerance to lemon lately. I can have a squeeze of lemon on chips I think, but other than that I never eat it much anyway. So I've never worried much about it, but avoided it anyway like most citrus. It's not so much food, but drinks that effect me more. I recently had some lemon flavoured ice tea which while nice, I can't drink as it irritates each time I consume it. Peach flavoured ice tea however is fine, I can drink many glasses, no worries.

            And I think regular tea too might be an irritant for me (like other IC'ers). I normally have infusions, but had some for a change last night, and boom, mini flare. Dammit.

            Anyway, I mention this as we often get bored with just water or milk to drink, so give Peach ice tea a go. And avoid lemon.

            All the best!


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              Watermelon has alot of vitamin c why is it on the o.k. ic diet list?
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                For me absolutely not! Infact lemon and tea is my worst enemy.


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                  Lemon and tea is bad but to qualify I mean green or black tea as 99% of teas are made from those. the african red tea (rooibus) is totally IC safe. Check out the davidsons teas here. I can drink them all day long.

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