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  • ICNDonna
    Another thing (which helps me more than anything) is to plan meals ahead. It also helps with the grocery shopping, which is an added benefit.


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  • kadi
    If you can find a nutritionist who will work closely with you on the diet, that can really help. Some are good about it, others are not & are just a waste of time & money. I've printed out the diet & mailed it to the nutritionist before the first appointment, since most are not aware of the diet. At the first appointment, I can tell pretty fast if they bothered to read it or not and how seriously they take helping me.

    Actually, what I found that helped me most with the diet was printing out a copy of the tricolumn list & taping it to the fridge, crossing off anything that spiked my symptoms. Over time, I figured out my trigger foods and don't really even think about them anymore.

    Honestly, no- I never really blew off the diet once I started it, but my IC would probably be called severe. If I eat trigger foods, I lose too much - days of work, time spent with friends & family, exercise, church, travel, sleep. The cost for me to just eat whatever, is too high, because I value the quality of my days more than anything I put in my mouth.

    Another thing that helped me with the diet was something someone else posted here: the diet is a loving way for you to take care of yourself. It doesn't depend on doctors, there's no insurance copay or hassle, it doesn't cost extra, and you're not going to develop an unpleasant side effect from it, like can happen with medications.

    It also supports you to get better help from your doctors. If you need pain management or further treatment to reduce your symptoms, you're more likely to get it if the doctor knows you're trying your best to manage it with lower level interventions, like diet, stress reduction, etc.

    No one is very sure if eating trigger foods causes more damage to the bladder or if it's just a temporary unpleasant flare it causes, but I'd personally rather not risk my IC getting worse. It's awful enough already!

    I'm not sure my answer is what you're looking for, but I'd rather encourage you to be strong and proactive to move towards living the fullest life you can with IC, rather than to give up and perhaps suffer more.

    Food is great, I still love it. I use lots of different recipes, both from the cookbooks for sale here at the ICN shop, and also from Dan Norton's "My food style" website - IC recipe subscription service. It's totally worth the $4.99 per month to get new recipes every week that are designed just for us and are as good as you'd get in a restaurant.

    Hope that helps a bit,

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  • bladder
    started a topic Diet support system

    Diet support system

    Does anyone see an dietitian or nutritionist to help stick to an IC diet? I have struggled with the IC diet for over 3 years now. My nurse is working with me to plan my diet so I stick to it. I am so terrible at eating/drinking the wrong things...sometimes on purpose in large amounts just because I don't care anymore. I get in a "my bladder is damaged anyhow so just drink an extra large coffee" mood. Anyone else have this issue or just me?