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Green chilies? Lemon oil/zest? Balsamic as marinade?

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  • Green chilies? Lemon oil/zest? Balsamic as marinade?

    I know all of these are probably extremely iffy, so I'm just asking. Has anyone tried the green chilies - such as in a green chili sauce - or balsamic JUST as a marinade?

    Also, has anyone tried lemon zest? I know lemon oil is made from it and it possibly works, but I tend to use it with cinnamon which of course is possibly causing a slight flare (I love cinnamon and am in denial that it *might* cause a flare).

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    I, personally, would not try any of these things. I have no problems with cinnamon.


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      I wouldn't dare use any of those things either.
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        I use green chilis quite often, and use balsamic in salsas; neither causes me an issue. I cant vouch for lemon zest as im not a fan. Lemons turns alkaline when metabolized so ive always wondered how they cause issues. I drink homemade lemonade occasionally in the summer mixed with iced tea, again with no issues aside from abit of increased frequency. I blame that on the amount i tend to drink and not the concoction itself.
        Only way to know is to try.

        Good luck!
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          I can't have any of those --- or salsa, tea, or lemonade. Cinnamon is not a problem for me.

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