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    Nutri System
    E diets

    Has anyone tried these? I wonder if anyone had major flares with them. I know with Nutri System you can at least pick which foods you want (I avoided chocolate and tomato for instance) But then you get 2 or 3 week of free foods and some can contain chocolate and tomato and other seasonings that we may have issues with. I'm not overweight or obese, but I do want to lose some weight. I am half Korean and when I look at my cousins on my mom's side they are tiny and petite. Right now our Elliptical machine at home is broken, so can't really do much cardio. I can't do treadmill since it hurts my entire body and I don't know why. I don't run on the treadmill, but go at a 4.5 MPH and gradual incline. I can walk when I get home today from work since the temps will be close to 70 today.
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