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Is vitamin B okay?

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  • Is vitamin B okay?

    I thought I heard something about a lot of people having problems with vitamin B supplements and I want to know if I should start taking it.

    I just found out I'm vitamin B deficient, and my doctor wants me to take supplements. I think it makes more sense to just improve my diet, but wanted to know if anyone has tried B vitamins and what are your results.

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    Unfortunately Vitamin B is a problem for many ICers, it was on a list my doctor gave me. How about B shots? I wonder if that would make a difference. Obviously you need your B vitamin. I can tolerate it in my womens one-a-day multi and seems to be enough for me though alot of ICers can't tolerate that either. You can try it and see as we all respond to foods and supplements differently.

    Gelnique for frequency/urgency - works great
    Macrobid after sex
    Prilosec, continuous birth control pills
    synthroid .088mg, mucinex-d, restasis

    Supplements: Desert Harvest Aloe vera, Cysta-q, prelief, magnesium and calcium, Vit D, flaxseed oil

    Diag Mild IC Jan 11 but have had symptoms for 25 years. Also have GERD, TMJ, IBS-C, chronic dry eye syndrome, hashimotos thyroiditis, non-allergic rhinitis.

    IC Diet Link:
    AUA 2011 Guidelines to diagnosing and treating IC overview-
    AUA 2011 Guidelines to diagnosing and treating IC PDF:
    Great treatment flowchart on page 19 of the pdf


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      I think it depends on what B you are talking about. I can't take a b complex but can take B12, it comes in many different forms. You can get the sublinguil and try that, it goes under your tongue usually. Or as Cindi said there are shots for B12 but that could be expensive depending upon your insurance. The pills are cheap you could try them, if your B vitamins are off it can cause you problems with tiredness, mental alertness and other problems.

      I hope you are able to find something that works for you.

      Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

      American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
      Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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        I can tolerate B-12 but I'm not sure yet about the other B's. I have read that B6 in particular increases acid, so that may be why a lot of Icers are unable to tolerate them.


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          My son and both get a B12 shot once a week, for different reasons. We used to go into the clinic to get the shot from the nurse. But that ended up taking lots of time, he went traveling for a year so they taught us how to give ourselves the shots.

          This is much easier to do, easier than you think we just give it in our legs, the thing is it has to be deep tissue so the needle goes in 1 1/2 inches.

          All in all giving it to ourselves is much easier than the RN or Doc, they are always in a hurry and it hurts way less if you do it slowly.

          Where I live a bottle of B12 is under $10.00, a bottle has 10 dose's, and you need to buy the needles separate.

          Where I live you do need a rx for this, not all Dr's like to B12 by shots, but my bladder can tolerate it.

          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.