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    I read somewhere about aloe vera juice being good for people with IC. Has anyone else heard this or tried this?
    Melissa Barham

    currently taking Elmiron 100mg 3x daily
    currently taking Klonipin 1mg as needed for nerves and stress
    currently taking Ditropan XL 10mg (Oxbutynin ER) once a day for ugency and frequency.

    trying Aloe Vera Juice just a little mixed with water

    I am on my 3rd uro. The 1st I went to cause of an UTI it was clear in the culture by the next month, but I was still having issues so he continued me on macordantin (sp.) and urised for about a year and I just seemed to get worse. My 2nd uro said he thought I had an OAB and tried me on meds for that. Everytime I went to him he would dialate my uretha and he also did a hydro (streched my bladder) and supposely removed scar tissue from my bladder and urethea and said my bladder was inflammed. But he said I didn't have enought pain to have IC. I tried many OAB meds and nothing seems to help I was in the bathroom atleast once an hour if not more. I suffered for a while. Now I am on my 3rd uro. The 1st visit we talked and he instantly said I had IC. He checked me and did an ultrasound of my bladder and order a cat scan and put me on Elmiron. I am currently waiting for the results of the cat scan.

    A little about me that doesn't have to do with this is I am a stay at home mother of two kids and I have a very loving and supportive husband.