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Has anyone tried homegrown tomatoes how does your bladder react?

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  • Has anyone tried homegrown tomatoes how does your bladder react?

    I heard that homegrown tomatoes don't have as much acid in them as the store bought ones. Has anyone tried homegrown tomatoes and how did your bladder react after trying them?

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    That is a good question. My husband bought some yellow tomatoes (which I hear are lower in acid) to plant this year, but I wonder how many can actually tolerate these...I'll be curious to hear responses too...

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      I eat with no problem yellow tomatoes.


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        There is a type of red tomato called Japanese tomato and is low acid. Not sure if they are available everywhere and they are more expensive but when I did eat tomatoes they were the best I ever had.


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          tomatos are giving me flairs now.

          tomatos are giving me flairs now.
          strawberries too
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            I've been able to eat our homegrown tomatoes and am soooo looking forward to them again soon. I don't eat too many but it's so nice to have a bland homemade taco with at least a few chunks of yummy tomato....

            Hope you have the same good luck and you can enjoy them.
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              I can't have tomatoes of any kind or anything with even a tiny bit of tomato in it. In addition to the fact that they are a bladder irritant for me, I'm allergic to them.

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                I do great with home grown tomatoes and those small yellow pear tomatoes are super sweet and absolutely yummy! Sauteed in olive oil, they make a great pasta topping!! Don't be afraid of them... just try a small amount and see how you do! Be willing to explore!
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                  I garden extensively and am trying tomatoes advertised as low acid in the seed catalogs, Mr. Stripey is one. I'm also growing orange banana and sungold. They are both orange/gold tomatoes and I hope they will be okay.

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                    I have done some research, but haven't had the opportunity to yet try it out. I have read that La Roma, Brandywine and Golden Boy are all low in acid. I do intend to grow some and try them. We will see.