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What multivitamins have worked for you?

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  • What multivitamins have worked for you?

    I think I should start taking a multivitamin, but the last one I tried, from VegLife, made me pee. I want to start another, and I'm trying to find one that's vegan. Has anything in general (vegan or otherwise) worked for you?

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    Hi there! I'm someone who does not have very many diet sensitivites, yet many vitamins are a no, no for me - as they often trigger a flare up. The only multi-vitamins I've been able to tolerate are children's chewables, yet if I was in a flare I would not take them during that time. I know others have also been able to tolerate children's chewables. I hope you find something that works for you!

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      Some ICers can tolerate children's chewable vitamins.

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        Today my family doctor recommended I start taking a multivitamin since I have some symptoms he thinks are caused by a vitamin deficiency. I did talk to him about the issues with IC and vitamins (he knows a little about IC but he's open to learning from me), so he also is referring me to a nutritionist in case the vitamin route doesn't pan out. So, this is a timely issue for me!

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          The bright yellow urine is an irritant to my bladder. I guess if I started to take them again I would drink about a quart of water with them and see if that helps.