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  • Cream Of Tartar?

    Good morning~
    This may seem like a silly question to some, but I am wondering if the potassium in Cream of Tartar is the same as the potassium found in foods? I am composing a list for my Mother that she can take and check against food lables in her supermarket so that she can avoid trigger ingredients. Is Cream of Tartar a no-no? Thanks for the help. Carolyn

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    I wasn't aware that potassium in foods was a trigger? Potatoes are high in potassium I think and they are considered a safe food for most people.
    Cream of tartar was never a problem for me.


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      Thanks you. Maybe we'll give it a go. I did a Google search to see how much potassium was in a teaspoon of cream of tartar and had no luck. I read one thread where a few suggested potatoes and I was a little surprised, as potatoes are very high in potassium, but mostly in the skin. Just to give you an idea, 1 med. banana has 467mg and 1 potato has 1,081mg, but mostly in the skin. Potatos have more potssium than most foods. My Mom only eats the potato, not the skin. Thans agian, Carolyn


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        I think some ICers consider potassium as a negative because of the potassium sensitivity test causing pain --- but potassium ingested and digested is not the same as potassium put directly into a raw bladder. I think of it the same as I do salt --- if you have a raw place on your skin and you put salt on it, it's boing to HURT! --- but if you put the salt on food, it doesn't hurt your skin.

        A potassium deficiency can be serious. When I had this problem, I had cramping muscles and overall weakness. I have a friend whose mother was hospitalized with stroke symptoms; testing revealed that her problem was potassium deficiency. Once her level was okay, she quickly improved.

        Some of us can eat bananas; others find them irritating. Most ICers can eat other potassium-rich foods with no problem.

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          Thanks Donna, I'll add it to the list, my Mother is dying to have her favorite, Angel food cake! Thanks so much, I'll let her know. Carolyn