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  • Snacks-Help!

    Hi everyone!
    My bladder is extremely sensitive to food plus I have a bowel disorder so the diet list gets even shorter.I can't try anything new,I tried some new foods from the try list and they all made me flare so badly.I'm talking mainly about fruits because that's what I miss the most,I'm so sick of eating pears!My problem is,since I started the diet I have to starve daily just to make sure I don't flare,the only thing I eat everyday that doesn't make me flare are plain lays chips,I eat a bag or two everyday for breakfast and whenever I'm hungry.I know it's not healthy because of all that fat but it's the only thing that doesn't make me flare.I live in a small country and here if you have IC you don't have many options regarding food,the bread is full of preservatives,the cereal too,there's no carob and I've searched everywhere for the Dr.Oetkers cakes and they don't sell them over here.For awhile I was eating plain organic Corn Flakes without preservatives with rice milk but the milk made me flare so I had to stop.Then after searching for almond milk for months I found it but it's so hard to get and so expensive that I only can buy a bottle a month.Does anyone know of some new snacks?What can I eat for breakfast??

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    Eggs are a good breakfast treat. You may have to make your own breads if you can't find any. We eat a lot of chicken at our house --- and left over chicken is even good cold. I also enjoy potatoes --- I like baked best.

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      Look for online stores, lots will ship you stuff ofr free if you order is over a certian amount.

      It may take a bit of looking but I am sure you will be able o find one. Goolge sotres selling almond milk online and then look at what other things they sell.

      I eat almonds and chashews for snacks.

      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.