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Potassium Deficiency

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  • Potassium Deficiency

    I am experiencing cramps in my legs. In the past this was indicative of a potassium deficiency. I am sticking very close to the IC diet. Therefore, I have eliminated OJ and bananas. I have increased my turkey and potato intake. Does anyone have any suggestions on other foods that are rich in potassium but also IC safe?

    Does anyone have any experience with taking potassium supplements?

    I have a dr's appt on Friday and will have blood work.

    Thanks in advance for your response and have the best day you possibly can

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    I took a prescription potassium supplement for several years. I now find I can keep my levels in a safe range with diet. Some other foods that are potassium-rich are cereals, dried peas & beans, fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, fresh fish, poultry.

    If you test really low you may need a supplement, at least for a while.

    Stay safe

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      Thanks Donna for the reply


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        I suffer legs cramps to the max. The best way to get potassium into our bodies is with food. When the cramps became acute (waking me from a dead sleep) my Doctor told me to try Tonic Water with quinine 1/4 cup before going to bed. It worked for me. Please ask your Doctor before trying this. It sounded like something that would hurt my bladder bad but for me it did not and helped me. I took it as a last resort after many sleepless nights. I spent more time standing on a cold bathroom floor then I did in bed. A cold floor seemed to help. A very painful problem. I hope you find relief soon. Hugs, Ziggy