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coconut a new snack for me

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  • coconut a new snack for me

    I recently went to a health food store and bought bag of organic dehydrated (not dried) coconut, no additives or sugar. They are called coconut chips.

    It has been dried at low temp, so it is not supposed to have any of the goodness destroyed, in processing.

    Anyways they are fairly big slivers of coconut, so I eat them as snacks, is a nice addition too nuts. I carry a bag of almonds and cashews, in my purse all the time. I have now added this coconut to them and it makes a nice addition.

    I saw the same sort of thing at Costco but it had preservatives and lots of sugar. I can't eat sugar.

    I have not tried it yet but I am going to try using it to make some Meringues, or macaroons. People call them by different names.

    The ones I intend to make are mostly just whipped egg whites, with sugar, maybe something else I can't remember and coconut. My mom used to make these, I have not made them till now because the coconut in the grocery stores has preservatives.

    I am quite sure this is going to make really good cookies, but they are quite fragile so not good for putting in lunches or packing around, but will make a good snack for home, sometimes I want a little something sweet after dinner.

    I will post after I make them and the recipe I end up using if anyone is interested.

    Coconut is on the safe list of food, but I am not too sure about the preservatives in the pks sold in most stores.

    It just reinforces reading labels. This has added one more food to my eating list and has opened to door the lots of things I can make.

    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.

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    I have bought a whole coconut this food is suppose to be IC friendy.
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