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  • Milk allergy

    I received via mail the results of the allergy testing my doc did last week. She stated on the form, " Milk allergy!! Stop Dairy NOW" --Of course, it was too late to call her for a clarification.

    I've never dealt with food allergies before, and, I thought I would be more reactive to gluten rather than dairy. So, I've done absolutely no research.

    Does milk allergy mean I'm allergic to anything dairy--even goat cheese or small amounts of dairy in baked good?

    And has anyone been in the same boat and seen improvement in IC symptoms once dairy has been eliminated?

    Sorry if this in not the correct category for this type of post--I wasn't sure where it should go.

    March 2011-Symptoms began
    May 2011-Tentative diagnosis by OB/GYN
    October 2011-Confirmed diagnosis -- IC/PFD

    Current treatments:
    Elmiron- 300 mg (Began 12/11)
    Hydroxyzine- 50-75 mg (Began 7/11)
    Tizabidine- 2mg 3xTID, if needed (Began 12/11)
    IC Diet-Began 5/11
    Pelvic Floor Therapy-Began 12/11

    Current Supplements:
    Fish Oil

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    I don't know what tests you had, nor the results. However, my youngest was allergic to milk when he was very small and his allergy was to cow's milk. If that's the case, goat cheese, or even goat's milk, might be okay. You really need to check with your doctor's office to get a clearer explanation.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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